Ann-Michèle, Barbara & Luc are experienced strategic thinkers and designers, working directly with L&A Peiffer's clients to establish a clear communication channel.

Aside from their professional work, Barbara, Ann-Michèle and Luc express their creativity in various disciplines: drawing, painting, sculpture, character design, comic books, etc.

Luc Peiffer



Training in the comic book section of the Arts Plastiques of St Luc in Brussels, combined with an Executive Master in Marketing & Advertising from BMMA/Solvay School enable a dialogue with a multidisciplinary approach. A response that integrates the various facets of communication constitutes his everyday work, from the first contact with the advertisers to the finishing touches on the completed work.

In addition to drawing, Luc has been involved in sculpture for many years. His works are exhibited in various galleries in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Ann-Michèle Deceuninck



After a course in Advertising at St Lucas Antwerpen, Ann-Michèle benefited from ten years experience in a renowned packaging and corporate identity office, which allowed her to develop packaging and graphic identities for the biggest international brands. She joined the L&A Peiffer unit in 1998.

Ann-Michèle obtained in November 2011 the First Prize of the Arts of Woluwé-Saint-Pierre for her paintings on the theme of the childhood.

Barbara De Coster



After training as a graphic artist at St Luc in Brussels, Barbara joined L&A Peiffer in 1998. She excels in the area of textiles and has become one of the Belgian specialists in the creation of motifs and animations for children, men and women. But her creative and technical skills allow her to travel with ease in the various domains covered by the agency.

Beside of her work at the agency, Barbara draws and assembles felt-like figurines.



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